One of the most important production of HEMAKS is chenille machine with rotary blade and cutting for rotary blade chenille machine each block consist of 4 head and 8 spindles and our machine production from 12 to 120 spindles is available for chenille cutting each block consist of 5 head and 10 spindles.
One of the most important features of HEMAKS CHENILLE is to obtain yarn from 2nm. to 10nm. thanks to the appropriate calibration and rotating blade system.
Easy cutting and production of yarns such as acrylic, viscose, cotton, polyester, polypropylene, etc. comes with the blade.
Production capacity of the machine is between from 5m to 12 m per minute.
Desired yarn type is fixed by changing turn set-up the belt position of gradual cylinders.
Gradual rolling system. It can be adjusted from 50mm to 250mm length.
Thanks to the yarn break switches, yarn breaks are under control, faulty production is prevented. The warning lamp lights up the signal a yarn break.