- Length : 2500 mm for one section (5 Positions) as 6”, 7, 8”.
: 3000 mm for one section (5 Positions) as 10”
- Control panel lenght : 400 mm
-Width : 1100 mm
- Height : 1700 mm
- Every yarn has individual electronic yarn break sensor.
-Every position has individual Invertor for speed control.
- Every position has individual meter counter to calculate the yarn on the bobbin and stop when the given meter winded.
- Machine has touch screen control panel to change the all values on the machine.
- Machine has computterised control unit (PLC).
- Every position uses AC motor.
- In the same machine you can wind cone to cone.
- 6”, 7” , 8”, 10” conical or cylindircal models are possible. (Depending to client’s choise)
- Machine max mechanical speed is 750 m/min, the process speed is depending on process parameters.
-Winding type is winding with shutle.
- Elastomer (Lycra) unrolling device avaible as Optionel.
- Oiling system is avaible to add as Optionel.
- Every position has electromagnetic cutters.
- Machine do not need external creel up to 4 plies.
- With 8 plies creel and it’s resereve including individual yarn break sensors model is avaible.
- It is possible to add Soft Winding units.
- It is possible to make Air Covering to multi ply yarn or single yarn with added accesories.



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